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What is the

Feast of Tents?

The Feast of Tents is an eight day event to release a SOUND of worship and prayer over the state of Alabama to the Lord. This event begins on October 9th and ends October 16th at Jasper Oaks under their Pavilion starting at 6pm. We encourage you and a team to register to lead a night, or to join us for this monumental celebration in our state. 

Feast of Tents Schedule 

Sunday - 9th

Storehouse Worship

Monday - 10th

Lisa finch

Tuesday - 11th

House YTH

Wednesday - 12th

Eric Thompson 

Thursday - 13th

Freedom Worship Center

Friday - 14th

Eddie Galicia

Saturday - 15th

Destiny Church

Sunday - 16th

Storehouse Worship

Press directions

to join us!

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